A Personal handle to limit contact and stop the spread of Covid-19

Move Safely

Ergonomic Design

KoalaGrip has been designed with maximum comfort in mind for all hand sizes.

Universal fit

Lock on to everything. Touch nothing


Strong and Secure

We ensure your safety in even the bumpiest of commutes.

Breakfast Television Interview

KoalaGrip clipped to a backpack with a Carabiner

Complimentary Carabiner


The KoalaGrip is a deceptively simple tool, a device you can hold in your hand that grips onto TTC poles with somewhat koala-like "claws" so you don't have to touch the dirty, germy surface.


The contactless experience on transit can help to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The National Post

Never touch another subway pole again..it can clip to your day bag with a carabiner‚ÄĒand when you hop on a subway or bus, this simple device twists into place


My husband and I use it everyday on our commute. Its really nice being so comfortable in public spaces again!